Chrome Plating Alternative


Would your business pass the green audit?

This is a question no business, industry or manufacturer can now avoid. If you're not green you will be going, going, gone in the not too distant future. A partnership or outsourcing relationship with Décor Engineering can make your carbon footprint a whole lot lighter because of initiatives we already have in place and our plans to increase these.

Vacuum metalizing is the number one chrome plating alternative

Vacuum metalizing is widely acknowledged as the most environmentally friendly way of obtaining a chrome or mirror effect to plastic or other surfaces. The metalizing process requires only electricity and a few grams of pure aluminium. No harsh chemicals. No wasted resources. Chrome plating processes use cyanide based chemicals and large amounts of water - making it a particularly non sustainable alternative. If your sustainability factor could use a lift or you are interested in learning more about our environmentally conscious technologies, please get in touch to speak with us further.
Are you interested in solar directions for the future?

So are we. It may be promoting the awareness of aluminium as one of the most effective materials to reflect heat or spearheading research and development with partner companies into solar collection and energy. Solar solutions are on the board for Décor Engineering so if you are working in this area call us to talk about paint and metal innovations we can share with you.