Reflective Signage


Are you limiting your reflective signage scale unnecessarily? Bigger sometimes really is better.

Just ask Honda, Mazda, Chrysler and Renault - four big gun dealerships that we metalise signs for. If you need it spelled out large, we can deliver. Décor Engineering has one of the largest metalisers in the southern hemisphere. We are currently able to metalise signs approx 1600 x 1600. In 2009 this will increase to 1600 x 3200. Depending on the material and if its first or second surface (second surface is the back side of the moulding) we may be able to increase this even more. So whatever your specs for large scale reflective signage are - get in touch with us for a quote.

When you want your sign to shine all through the day and night

Ask about our semi-transparent coatings that give the illusion of chrome during the day and can be backlit at night for 24 hour shine.

And if you need small scale proportion with large scale savings

One of the spill over benefits of our large customer work is that we are able to offer exactly the same service to smaller sign companies for one-off or low volume runs. This means you don't have to pay exorbitant amounts to benefit from the small scale precision work we provide. Whether you need a small badge painted, or a sign metalised that then needs different areas painted and blocked out, or even different coloured transparent top coats - we can do it all for you at low cost and quick turn around.