Mask Making


There is no room for error when it comes to production paint operations

And there is no way you can afford anything but absolute perfection. Hard to believe, but some manufacturers are still only using masking tape when it comes to production paint operations. If you're reading this - you might be one of them! Hats off to you for persevering with such a time consuming and labour intensive technique. But it's well past its used by date. Technology is moving too fast and the market place is too competitive for this to be a viable manufacturing option.

Why waste valuable production time when mask makers can custom make precision masks and reduce your costs?

If you can afford the cost and time waste of inefficient paint production then you must be in business for some other purpose than making money. If on the other hand you are always looking for ways to:
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimise errors and poor workmanship
  • Rationalise labour resources
  • Increase capacity
then we'd love to hear from you. Because we're pretty sure we can help. Decor Engineering mask makers are world renowned for mask accuracy and repeated knife edge paint finishes. Masks are custom made for you, based on the precise parameters of your requirement.

Hand masking costs too much and your component workers probably hate doing it

How much happier would your team be if they didn't have to muck around with hand masking? It's not their area of expertise. It doesn't make for a productive assembly line or floor. This is one area that is guaranteed to bring about team and productivity improvements if you outsource it.
You may not even know if you can benefit from a paint mask

Working this out is simple. If you make anything that requires painting, chances are a custom made mask will make your job faster, easier and more accurate. Size is not an issue. Masks can be made for anything from the most intricate automobile badge detailing through to massive signage or large scale aeronautical parts. They can be created for hand held and/or robot and automated production.
Think of the paint mask as a reverse stencil. Rather than using it to paint the parts you want, you use it to cover up the parts you don't want painted. So if any part of your manufacturing process requires repeated manual masking of certain components, it would be a good idea to talk to Décor Engineering. Chances are we can help you improve productivity AND your bottom line with the same innovative solution.

If you already use paint masks, here's something you should know

Most masks are rubber, plastic or paper formed. Décor Engineering masks are metal. Picture a piece of rubber or plastic. You see soft edges, lack of durability and difficulty with thorough cleaning.
Now picture a piece of metal. More specifically, a metal mask that is made from an electroform taken from a lay-up of an actual moulded part. And then steel framed. The electroform process means an incredible amount of detail can be picked up. So your painting will be more accurate. Which makes for happier customers.
The metal means the mask will not be affected by solvents. You know how hard it can be to clean rubber and plastic masks properly. Some will deteriorate in cleaning solvents so you have to undertake time consuming hand cleaning. With the metal masks, you literally dip them into a cleaning solvent and they are as good as new. No fussing around, trying to get into cracks, or worrying about the deterioration of the rubber or plastic. So your masks are much quicker to clean. Which saves you time. And will last longer. Which saves you money.

If this all seems to make a lot of business sense, here's something you should know about Décor Engineering

We are the only electroform mask maker in Australia. And we are the only mask maker in Australia that is recommended by the local car manufacturing industry. Get in touch with us to talk about how a custom made mask can bring outstanding results to your customers and save you significant time and money.