Light reflectors


Are your light reflectors casting unwanted financial shadows?

It may be because your suppliers don't have large enough volume and so cannot pass savings onto you. Décor Engineering is the largest vacuum metalizer of manufactured lighting reflectors in Australia. So there's no problem with volume and no hidden costs pushing your spend price up. Our reputation and high profile clients in the lighting industry are testament to the quality of our vacuum metalizing, general mask making and high precision electroform masking.

Be part of the evolution of reflector technology

Décor Engineering has in house processes that deliver the benefits of innovation and new technology straight to your business and product. But the only way we are able to do this is by listening to what our clients need, and working together to build useful solutions to problems. We want to keep pushing forward but that's only possible when we know what developments will make your life easier. So contact us about any challenge, problem or innovation you have with lighting reflectors. It's how we keep evolving.

Customer initiatives that have pushed us to innovate so far include:

  • Developing reflectors for high heat globes that minimise reflector distortion
  • Eliminating most surface inclusions in base flow coating
  • Custom making metalizer masks and cassettes (a series of masks fixed onto a rotating jig) for Hella Australia
  • Currently creating clear top coats that will be operational mid 2011

We want to keep innovating and improving what we do so we'd love to hear from you and make you one of our customer initiative success stories.