EMI Shields


EMI shields that cost you less and don't harm the environment - too good to be true?

That's often the catch with trying to do the right thing by the environment. It always seems to cost more doesn't it? And that goes against your business grain. That's why we really want to be shouting this message out from the rooftops. It's more than good - it's great. And it's 100% true.

Décor Engineering vacuum metalised components for shielding protection:

  • Cost less than traditional shielding methods
  • Are far less damaging to the environment than other shielding methods
  • Have greater depth of penetration and succeed where other methods fail
  • Give equal protection as a metal enclosure when coated on plastic
  • Can be used as a vapour barrier to protect moisture sensitive components

If you can't see the shielding for your component on this list:

  • EMI - Shielding (Electro Magnetic Interference)
  • RFI - Shielding (Radio Frequency Interference)
  • ESD - Shielding (Electro Static Discharge)
  • ELF - Shielding (Extremely low frequency)
  • Lightning protection shielding
  • Heat Shielding
contact us because this is only a small selection of the application potential of vacuum metalising. Whether you need an existing part coated or you are designing a new component vacuum metalising can give you optimum protection and shielding.

And you can enjoy the warm glow of knowing your choice is helping our world

It's no small thing. Every business doing one small thing adds up to big changes. Whereas other common shielding processes (like nickel acrylic, zinc arc spraying and electroplating) accumulate large build-ups and deposits, vacuum metalising does not. Vacuum metalising uses metals that are 99% pure. Most customers request aluminium but we can just as easily coat with pure gold and copper. Light weight materials and a process that treads lightly on the earth. Now that's something worth shouting about.