Precision Batch Painting


Will your OEM batch painting contracts survive the biggest shifts industry has ever seen?

Any relationship you have with an OEM is going to be transformed in the next 20 years. The global resource strain and economic crunch time means that only the innovators in the manufacturing world will survive. Batch painting is a crucial element for OEMs and they will be expecting ever increasing precision, economy and production capacity. If you want to make sure you not only survive but thrive in these unprecedented times you'll have to show how you have the edge. Otherwise your business may be transformed out of existence.

If you are a Tier 1 supplier you need to be thinking smarter not harder

Mutually beneficial partnerships. Trusted outsourcing relationships. Tapping into the newest technologies. There's a lot of competition around so strategic alliances have never been more important. Décor Engineering is a big believer in partnerships and networks and we'd like to offer our expertise, experience and world class reputation for precision batch painting. If this is a necessary part of your manufacturing process chances are it's one that seems to slow production and cost you both money and time.

If you want to improve your productivity, precision and standing in the market place, a partnership with Décor Engineering delivers:

  • Industry knowledge drawn from 30 years specialised batch painting - mostly for the OEM car companies - means we match the right techniques to the right jobs and can problem solve anything you come up against.
  • Ask around and you'll find we have a reputation for taking on parts most suppliers find difficult - if not impossible - to paint. Outsource this precision painting to us and you don't need to say NO to valuable contracts.
  • Our existing relationships with OEM paint suppliers ensure accuracy of product and mean there are few or no returns or mistakes. Because we know where to shop and buy in bulk we pass these savings onto you.
  • Batch painting performed by Décor Engineering only needs to be done once. It is accurate, durable, long lasting and utilises technology too specialised for most Tier 1 suppliers. Reduce costs by reducing errors and returns.
  • The increased quality of workmanship will improve your reputation with OEMs and lead to bigger contracts and more contracts.
  • Outsourcing your precision batch painting means you increase capacity in other areas and so can send your productivity through the roof.

Five precision batch painting innovations you can't be without

Being on top of these puts you at the forefront of industry. Being without them means you may soon be shutting up shop:
  1. Precision masking and stencil techniques

Essential for delicate and complex electronic parts. The only way to make some parts of a component paint free and other painted, which is particularly important when making products that require some parts to be conductive and others not.

  1. Conductive paint

Means it is possible to achieve shield coating properties similar to as if the parts were made from a metal box.

  1. Lightweight housings

Housings made from plastic and/or injection moulded make the product lighter and cheaper than pressed metal.

  1. Matt or textured surfaces

The right kinds of non conductive paints are necessary for things such as laser applications.

  1. Pin point accuracy

Masks as small as a pin can be used to mask out pins for printed surface boards (PCBs) in large batch runs.