Automotive Masking


Want to reduce your automotive masking tape wastage?

Great for broad sweep jobs, but when it comes to precision and accuracy automotive masking tape can waste time and money. Not to mention the creeping concern about all that added non-biodegradable waste your company is throwing away. Talk to us about those regular and recurring precision jobs that a more accurate masking device would be perfect for.
Can you afford not to investigate the increased production efficiency and reduced costs a Décor Engineering metal mask can bring to your business?

How to be in the same race as BMW, Audi and Mercedes ...

Three of the most elite and sought after automotive brands in the world. These companies pride themselves not only on their end product but on pushing the boundaries of innovation at every point of production. They knew some time ago that the days of super heavyweight car manufacturing were over. Vehicles that will make it through the 21st century will be light weight, economical to make and run and adaptable to the needs of the natural and social environment.
That's why the Big Three have all started the move from chrome plating to vacuum metalising for their interior components. And given that there is NO WAY these companies would jeopardise their reputations you can be certain they have checked and triple checked the quality control of vacuum metalizing.
If you want to know more about the many benefits of vacuum metalizing for your automotive parts and components get in touch with us at Décor Engineering. We're pretty happy to be in the same race as the best car makers in the world on this one.