Conductive Coating


Conductive coating technology that gives you a superior performance and finish

Décor Engineering developed its Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) in conjunction with top aeronautical companies. You can now reap the benefits of this exacting process. Whether you require conductive coating that is cosmetic (to achieve a chrome/polished finish) or protective (to shield an electronic component) contact us for a consultation about what is most appropriate for your needs.

What's keeping you flying in the aeronautical industry?

Most likely it's your attention to detail, ability to spot trends and initiate innovations ahead of the crowd and a relentless drive for excellence. Décor Engineering is committed to being part of that drive and welcomes any chance to consult about a design challenge, recurring problem or technological leap you are facing. A few ways in which we have added value and saved time and money for clients just like you include:
  • Applying multiple PVD layers to increase conductivity to a level where it is lightning protection ready
  • Using PVD coatings to replace sintered aluminium (especially where the rough texture of the aluminium required it being sprayed with a filler) allowing the exact contours of the substrate to be followed
  • Cosmetic PVD coating applied to a carbon/Kevlar aircraft spinner for an aerobatics plane to give it a chrome like shine
  • Masks created to allow glue spraying on new Aeroform seats (Dunlop Foam) while also protecting non glue areas